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Victorian Terraced House, Bath

Sean’s personal residence is a sophisticated and intricately designed house, serving as a direct embodiment of his unique design sensibilities and personal aesthetic. With dedicated effort, Sean and his team painstakingly revitalised this Victorian Terraced house in the heart of Bath, fashioning it into a distinctive and personality-infused property that stands as a genuine testament to the design firm’s proficiency in restoration and interior architecture. The deft integration of colour and patterns underscores their skilful craftsmanship.

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Georgian Townhouse, Bath

Located on a picturesque square in Bath, this stunning Georgian townhouse awaits. Purchased by our lovely clients, a young family seeking respite from their bustling London lives, this abode serves as their weekend and holiday retreat. Dividing their time between Europe and the UK, they’ve found the ideal setting to raise their children and relish the English countryside while still immersed in urban life.

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