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Fulham, London

Nestled in a charming neighbourhood of West London, this bow-fronted end-of-terrace house was soon to be inhabited by a vibrant young couple with a penchant for whimsical and colourful decor. Our vision for this home was to infuse it with a delightful, warm palette that mirrors their joyful and colourful sensibilities.

Upon relocating from central London to the west end to gain more space, a young couple approached us to translate their desires and aspirations into the design of their new home, creating a space that authentically reflects their personal style. It was a delightful revelation that they embraced colour, which is prominently evident in the vibrant interiors we conceived. The teal Drawing Room adorned with watermelon pink sofas complements the lively kitchen and its casual dining area bursting with hues. We reveled in the opportunity to boldly experiment with textiles and colour to craft a distinctive and personalised aesthetic, perfectly suited for this youthful and dynamic couple. We aimed for each room to exude its individual charm, featuring statement pieces, such as striking oversized headboards alongside patterned lampshades and artfully layered cushions. Our goal was to achieve a timeless yet engaging aesthetic that would remain fresh for years to come.

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