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Holburne Park, Bath 

A recently constructed mock Georgian townhouse, offering sweeping vistas of Bath, was slated to become the newest showcase property for a local development. Our objective was to depart from the conventional "show home" appearance and imbue the property with a lived-in, personal touch. It was crucial for the aesthetic to resonate with the surrounding area, thus marrying tradition with a contemporary twist.

A local developer reached out to us to design a show home for the fifth phase of their residential development in Bath. After working with several other interior designers in the past, they wanted this property to be unique and stand out from the rest. The brief was to create a home that felt individual and lived in, whilst still retaining the essence of a show home. Being a mock Georgian build in a historical city, it was important that we kept a sense of heritage to the interiors. We wanted it to speak to the surrounding area without feeling out of place. It was important that the interiors of this property enable potential buyers to envision their lives in the home, without conforming to the ‘builder-basic’ look. We wanted to appeal to the masses, yet ensure we retained a sense of individuality and identity to the property. Unable to change any of the interior finishes and fixtures, we opted to introduce colour and pattern in order to give this new-build property a sense of heritage and soul. In addition to this, we brought in an eclectic mix of furniture and art with the goal for each room to tell its own story and keep potential buyers guessing as they ascend the property. The outcome is a colourful and layered home which hopefully evokes joy and will be memorable for everyone who views it.

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