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Studio Apartment, Chelsea 

This charming pied-à-terre, a cosy studio apartment nestled in the heart of Chelsea, serves as the ideal retreat for our client during her visits to London, whether for business or leisure. Our collaboration with her was an absolute delight as we strived to infuse the property with joy, elegance, and practicality. Our goal was to maximise every inch of space without compromising aesthetics for functionality.

Fed up of paying hefty hotel bills, our client decided to invest in a tiny studio apartment on a prime street in Chelsea for a place to stay when in London on business. The compact 220 square foot property is located on an iconic leafy street in Chelsea and will act as a boutique hotel suite filled with all the modern amenities and conveniences of home, perfectly tailored to her taste. We worked tirelessly with our client to maximise every square inch of the floor plan in order to attain as much storage and functionality as possible. We kept the space open-plan in order to maximise the light and used the peninsula of the kitchen to act as the division between zones. Overall, the space is feminine, pretty and fresh. The perfect spot to unwind after work or during a girls’ weekend in the city.

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