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new build Design

Designing in a new build often has a range of positive impacts, combining modern aesthetics with innovative features. Firstly, the use of contemporary architectural styles and materials in new builds contributes to a fresh and visually appealing landscape in neighbourhoods. This modern aesthetic often includes sleek lines, energy-efficient designs, and an overall sense of sophistication that aligns with current trends in residential architecture.

New build designs often prioritise open floor plans and flexible living spaces. This approach creates versatile environments that can adapt to the changing needs of homeowners. Open layouts foster a sense of spaciousness and fluidity, allowing for a seamless flow between different areas of the home and accommodating various activities and functions.

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Unlock the Potential of your new build Through Interior Design

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Whether you’re in the initial planning stages or seeking assistance with interior design elements, our team is here to collaborate with you. Let Sean Symington Design be the catalyst for transforming your new residential build into a home that encapsulates your style, values, and aspirations.

Recent Projects

South West Coast, Ireland

Georgian Townhouse, Bath

Victorian Terraced House, Bath

New build homes and design

New build designs in residential properties offer a range of positive impacts, combining modern aesthetics with innovative features. Firstly, the use of contemporary architectural styles and materials in new builds contributes to a fresh and visually appealing landscape in neighborhoods. This modern aesthetic often includes sleek lines, energy-efficient designs, and an overall sense of sophistication that aligns with current trends in residential architecture.

One significant positive impact of new build designs is the integration of energy-efficient and sustainable features. Modern construction techniques and materials prioritize energy conservation, resulting in homes that are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective for homeowners in the long run. This emphasis on sustainability aligns with the growing awareness of ecological responsibility in residential development.

New builds also often incorporate the latest technological advancements, making homes more comfortable and convenient for residents. Smart home systems, energy-efficient appliances, and integrated technologies enhance the overall functionality and efficiency of the living space. This infusion of technology not only caters to contemporary lifestyles but also adds a layer of convenience and connectivity to daily living.

Additionally, new build designs often adhere to current building codes and safety standards, providing residents with the assurance of a structurally sound and secure living environment. The incorporation of modern construction materials and techniques ensures durability and resilience against natural elements, contributing to the long-term well-being of both the property and its occupants.

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About US

Sean Symington Design is a multifaceted design firm based in both Bath and London, undertaking bespoke design projects spanning the UK and international locations.

Since 2019, we specialise in predominantly residential interior design services delivered by a tight-knit group of skilled designers who are dedicated to providing top-notch interior design solutions for your home. At the heart of our design philosophy is the commitment in placing our clients’ desires and requirements at the forefront of every project. Our team strives to create customised interior that genuinely represent the unique personalities and preferences of those who inhabit them. Embark on a transformative journey with us to elevate your space and make your dream home a reality.

What our Clients Say

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"Sean and his team are amazing; responsive, creative, collaborative, patient (!) and incredibly generous with their time. Sean quickly understood me and the look and feel of my home that I wanted to achieve. He had so many good ideas and gave me the confidence to be braver in my choices which I am so grateful for. He is fantastic with colour and mixing fabrics and textures to create a layered scheme. I have loved working with him and cannot recommend him highly enough."
Zoe B.


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Our Interior Design Process

By following our comprehensive interior design process, we successfully bring our client’s visions to life, creating extraordinary living spaces.

  1. Concept Design
  2. Detail Design
  3. Procurement and FF&E
  4. Installation and Finishing Touches

This carefully curated process means our clients can know precisely where they stand in each phase. This comprehensive approach guarantees that we do not overlook any vital details, which is essential in taking your project to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find a selection of questions that we are often asked around our Interior Design Services:

Finding the perfect interior designer for your home is like discovering the missing puzzle piece. They will seamlessly fit into your project and complete the overall picture of your space.

This decision can be an extremely personal one as a designer will help you create a home that is a complete reflection of you. When trying to find the right fit for your project, it’s important that the designer’s aesthetic and overall approach resonates with you and aligns with your vision.

It’s essential they understand your design goals, budget and timeline as well as communication style. A designer who fits these criteria will be able to bring your vision to life through a cohesive design that is best suited to you and your needs. You can check out our more in-depth guide on how to choose an interior designer here.

Sean Symington Interior Design provides a comprehensive range of services covering everything from conceptualisation to execution whether that’s for residential interior design, commercial projects or staging.

This includes extensive remodelling and construction as well as meticulous attention to styling and finishing touches. Sean is dedicated to preserving the intimate, boutique nature of the firm with a steadfast commitment to keeping the client at the forefront of each project.

While specific timelines for the interior design process can vary depending on the scope and complexity of each project, Sean Symington Interior Design is known for its efficient and organised approach whilst working towards a reasonable timeline.

Typically, the process begins with a thorough consultation to understand the client’s vision, needs and preferences. Following this, a design plan is crafted, incorporating conceptualisation, space planning and material selection.

The design phases are then followed by procurement and collaboration with necessary trades for execution of plans. This process is concluded with the installation and finishing touches which ensures a result in keeping with expectations and more. For specific details, clients are encouraged to engage in a consultation to discuss their project’s unique requirements and timeline expectations.

The distinctive aspect of the interior design process lies in its commitment to personalised and client-centric experiences. The firm’s dedication to maintaining a small, boutique nature ensures a hands-on and intimate experience for clients where they remain at the forefront of every project.

This client-centric focus, combined with extensive experience in the seamless integration of design, remodelling and construction distinguishes Sean Symington Interior Design in delivering tailored and exceptional spaces that reflect the individuality of each client.

Determining the cost of a high-end interior design project involves various factors. These include the project’s scope, level of customisation, choice of materials and location. High-end design typically includes premium finishes, custom furnishings and meticulous attention to detail which can increase expenses.

Typically, budgets for high-end interior design projects can start in the tens of thousands and increase depending on the size and complexity. It is important to establish a clear budget range early on to ensure the designer can align their vision with your financial limitations.

In addition, high-end designers often work closely with clients to prioritise specific aspects of the projects effectively managing resources. Open and transparent communication about budget expectations is essential for a successful outcome that satisfies both the client and the designer.