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Mews House, Bath

Nestled on a coveted street in Bath, this mews house grappled with a shortage of natural light. To instil a feeling of luminous spaciousness, we made the deliberate choice to coat the entire property in a brilliant white, thereby affording the client's art and furnishings the spotlight they deserved.

Our client’s directive was to craft a luminous and airy environment that would accentuate the eclectic furnishings and artwork while permitting the interior architecture to take centre stage. Situated in a mews house behind the Royal Crescent, the residence faced a challenge with its limited natural light. We opted to remove the carpets and apply a fresh coat of bright white paint to the existing floorboards worked to create the illusion of openness and light. Furthermore, we layered sisal rugs amidst a blend of traditional and contemporary furnishings, yielding an exceptionally chic result.

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