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Holland Park, London

Nestled within a beautiful Victorian mansion block bordering Holland Park, this rented apartment lacked character and vibrancy. Our client enlisted our services to infuse the property with a sense of home and reflect her lively and youthful personality.

A young American professional got in touch with us to make her rental flat in Holland Park feel like a home. She plans to stay in the UK for a short term due to work and wanted to ensure that she felt comfortable and settled. This project was particularly challenging as we couldn’t make any changes to fixed or structural elements, due to it being a rental. With this in mind, the goal was to invest in items she could take with her when she moves. We thoroughly enjoyed searching for antiques and vintage pieces, such as a collection of botanical prints that we had custom framed in a glossy green finish.

The flat is located in a splendid Victorian building with a view of the park, and we aimed to respect this architecture by updating the window treatments and framing the lovely windows. Placing the dining area in the bay window created a stunning focal point that invites you into the property. The objective was to maintain a youthful and vibrant atmosphere, ideal for our single client in her thirties living in the city. Additionally, we added elements to enhance the overall aesthetic and make the space truly feel like a home away from home.

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