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Boutique Estate Agency, Somerset

In a charming town nestled in Somerset, a boutique estate agency faced the pressing need for a renovation. Collaborating closely with the client, we aimed to align the design with their brand identity and fulfil their specific needs. The overarching goal was to craft a workspace that exuded positivity and catered to the satisfaction of both clients and staff.

This estate agency had great bones and wonderful potential. Situated in a stunning period building, we were asked to design an interior that spoke to the architecture and setting. The outcome is what we have coined ‘English country style with a modern twist’. The office began with set work stations and little flexibility to the layout. The new design brings in flexible workspaces and informal zones for employees and clients to enjoy. The brand colour was burgundy, so we worked to thread this colour through the space in subtle ways, incorporating it in elements such as fabrics, lighting and lampshades. This ensured the space felt cohesive and on-brand.

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