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All or Nothing

I have a strong disdain for ‘accent walls’. I truly believe that if you are going to make a statement, go big or go home. I think this stems from my love of drama in interiors. If I had my way, I would wallpaper an entire room from floor to ceiling and cover the upholstery in the same print. I think a room should envelop the furnishings and accessories within it. By wrapping a room in a print or a bold colour, the walls suddenly take a backseat and sort of act as a backdrop to the furnishings and art.

By incorporating one dark or patterned wall into a room I think it makes the space feel disjointed and unbalanced. In my opinion, a successful room should have many things that the eye dances upon and no one feature should jump out at you. Many people use these ‘accent’ or ‘feature’ walls as a way to create a focal-point within a room. I think it is much chicer to do this with art and furnishings. Thinking of a navy accent wall? Why not paint the entire room navy and incorporate a massive white canvas over the sofa to act as the feature. The room will actually feel larger as the corners and edges of the walls will blend in and become blurred. The eye will naturally look at the ‘stuff’ within the room and not at the room itself.
Tuk Tuk Restaurant
Victorian House
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